3d-bookcover-250pxHow do you make customers care?

It’s no secret. The business world reveres left-brain thinking—analysis, metrics, and efficiency. But it’s human-centered, non-linear, right-brain thinking that creates connection and brings brands to life. Author Tracy Carlson, a 20-year marketing strategist on leading brands, reveals why—and how—the brands we love are deeply imbued with right-brain genius along with classic left-brain smarts.

As the digital revolution opens up new ways to build relationships with consumers, right-brain thinking is more critical than ever. What Great Brands Know decodes how great brands are born and gives us powerful tools to jump-start our own fresh possibilities.

Through compelling examples distilled from iconic brands and emerging gems, you’ll discover six core principles you can easily apply in your business and marketing for a whole-brain branding approach that works.

Entertaining and provocative, What Great Brands Know is a breakthrough guide for innovators in the workplace, branding experts and small business owners alike.

Advance Praise for What Great Brands Know:

“What an inspired book! These are great lessons for marketing, and for life. Tracy’s six principles are elegant in their simplicity, but are born from a lifetime of working with—and closely studying—great brands. This is a great book to share with everyone who touches your brand!”

—Sidney Falken, Chief Branding Officer, Hanes

“What Great Brands Know offers precisely what’s been missing from marketing for too long: a framework for integrating human, creative thinking with business strategy…Carlson offers a warm, welcome and accessible path to creating compelling brands.”

—Eric Almquist, Partner, Bain & Company

“Drawn from compelling, real-world examples, Carlson’s systematic and practical framework will satisfy your orderly left-brain while providing plenty of fun and accessible right-brain boosters to ignite your creative mind and transform your work.”

—Jennifer Lee, author of The Right-Brain Business Plan

“Carlson’s intelligent little book decodes how truly great brands create their magic–and lights a persuasive path for you and others to follow.”

—Bill Gentner, President, Kao Consumer Products, Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa

“This wonderful little book will have you cheering for an alternative approach to marketing that is at once accessible and inspiring. “

—Diane Coutu, Director of Client Communications, Banyan Family Business Advisors and former Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review

“In the era of big data, Carlson offers a compelling reminder of the power of ideas, inspiration and instinct. A must read for marketers who want to reawaken their inner passions and build brands that matter.”

—Len Johnson, Executive Director, Marketing, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“This is truly business thinking for the 21st century. Carlson’s book bristles with her trademark intelligence, insight, and wit, issuing a wake-up call for the world of marketing. I only hope executives are listening.”

—Pam Grossman, Nomellini-Olivier Professor of Education, Stanford University

“With left-brain lucidity and right-brain insight, Carlson illuminates what we have sensed dimly: product quality has a human quality. The good news is that product genius can be nurtured, and this finely crafted book delights its readers as it shows the way.”

—Eleanor Brown, James Irvine Professor of Economics, Pomona College

“In What Great Brands Know, Tracy Carlson illustrates breakthrough strategies to garner consumers attention and loyalty, sorely needed in today’s competitive and rapidly changing marketplace.”

—LeeAnne Baer, Executive Director, Consumer Research and Insights at Time, Inc.

“In this book, Tracy demonstrates how the most successful companies blend intuition with data, and sheds light on how right brain marketers can achieve breakthroughs by valuing intuition, creativity and passion. Tracy connects the dots to help us build narratives that enhance rather than oppose data.”

—Louise Dubé, Managing Director of Digital Learning at WGBH

“Carlson skillfully distills what we may intuitively sense about the brands we love into clear, logical explanations. The book itself demonstrates the principles of good branding. The reader can’t help but be engaged in the material, which is full of illustrative stories that are both wise and entertaining.”

—Betsy W. Huntley,
 Director of Marketing, Choate, Hall & Stewart, LLP

“In her book, Tracy Carlson smartly explains how the art of commerce combines with emotional engagement to explain why successful brands live in the lives of their consumers. If you are looking for a place to start on how to make your brand sing, this book provides an excellent hymnal..”

—Marc Rovner, General Manager, Consumer Healthcare at Boehringer Ingelheim