For those interested in more detail about the difference between the left and right brains, here is an interesting and comprehensive comparison from Science News:

Left/Right-Brain Refresher

Speech/verbal Spatial/musical
Logical/mathematical Holistic
Linear/detailed Artistic/symbolic
Sequential Simultaneous
Controlled Emotional
Intellectual Intuitive/creative
Dominant Minor (quiet)
Worldly Spiritual
Active Receptive
Analytic Sympathetic, gestalt
Reading, writing, naming Facial recognition
Sequential ordering Simultaneous comprehension
Perception of significant order Perception of abstract patterns
Complex motor sequences Recognition of complex figures

Source:  “Clinical and Experimental Evidence of Hemispheric Domination as of 1976”, Science News, 109 (14): 219.  Thanks to Inside Her Pretty Little Head by Jane Cunningham & Philippa Roberts for bringing this reference to my attention.