Is this you?

You’re working on something new…and it has to be great

You’re developing a new offering. You’re excited—and apprehensive. You want this baby to rock the world, and yet…it’s painfully clear that the competition is fiercer and the odds of success more daunting than ever before.  And, if you’re honest with yourself, your organization’s innovation track record is, shall we say, a bit lackluster?  Despite your best efforts and careful plans, you’re a little worried this one may meet the same fate.

Deep down you feel you may be missing something vital and important that could really make a difference.  Of course you want to succeed, and the stakes are high. But it’s not just that.

You want more. You want to really connect with your customers: brighten their lives and make them care.  You want to succeed on more than just a business and professional level. This time, you want to light up the world a little, too.

Your brand (and/or company) is stuck—and a little stale

Your job is to drive growth—for your organization, or perhaps a single product or service within your company.

You’re eager to make a difference, but the only visible paths forward already feel like the same old same old.  There’s no juice. What’s more, your category seems to be trapped in a zero-sum rut. Or you’re worried about getting left behind by a competitor gaining steam.

You need fresh, relevant approaches to break out of this dead end and move forward. While you’re at it, you could probably also use a dose of inspiration—a sense of larger purpose beyond the tiresome treadmill it all feels like on the bad days.  Is that even possible in your organization anymore?

You’re eager to lead your team to bigger things—and better results

You’re leading a team that creates or shapes products, services, brands: the offerings themselves or perhaps upstream (in R &D) or downstream (in a communications area).  Your team may be good (even great!). On paper, you have the right skills for the business you know and understand. But you know that’s not enough these days, and you want to have a bigger impact.

You recognize that the truly great brands don’t just do things differently—they feel different.  They affect people more deeply. They just seem to be a little magical.  That’s what you want: to move from Perfectly Fine to Remarkable.

You want to address your current challenges—and equip your team with ways to regularly identify and develop promising opportunities down the road.

You’re a left-brain skeptic…but under the gun to innovate

You’re logical, disciplined, and skilled at analytics. Your thirst for data is unquenchable, and you never met a number you didn’t like.

You’ve heard a lot about the importance of emotion and creativity in brands, but frankly you’re not that impressed. Most of the people peddling this stuff are pretty fluffy. But…you care about your business and don’t want to dismiss out-of-hand something that could move the dial.  And you’re feeling pressure to deliver breakthrough results, not just incremental gains. You love your numbers, but somehow they’re just not adding up to greatness. Something’s got to change.

Any of these sound familiar?

If so, we should talk.  Through consulting, executive coaching, and workshops I help enliven new and existing offerings alike through fresh approaches designed to make your brand stand out and connect with customers emotionally. I prefer to customize the format to best fit the needs of the client. Here are some of the ways we can work together:

Consulting: Your brand and situation are unique. You deserve someone who listens and crafts something unique to your needs and circumstances. There are no one-size-fits all projects (for that would be very left-brained, wouldn’t it?). There are, however, a couple of natural starting points to understand your goals, situation and context. I’ll work with you to develop an approach that fits you like a glove.

Coaching: If you’re looking for more informal guidance, consider working with me 1:1. Perhaps it’s premature for a formal consulting project, but you want some new ideas you can test or apply.  Or you may deeply believe in integrating right-brain thinking, but your company isn’t quite there yet. I’m happy to work with you on specific opportunities (and challenges) and unleash your right-brain genius quietly.

Workshops: In a half- or full-day workshop tailored for you/your team, we’ll do two things:

  • Learn new approaches: Based on the forthcoming book What Great Brands Know: Unleash Your Right-Brain Genius to Stand Out and Make Customers Care, we’ll explore how to integrate right-brain thinking like the truly great brands. We’ll bring these principles to life, with particular emphasis on examples that relate to your current situation.
  • Tackle current challenges: In a collaborative and interactive format, we’ll work on specific issues you’re facing, identifying fresh new approaches you can apply immediately.

And especially for left-brain skeptics: Consider a Right-Brain Rental session

You’re smart, and I want you to succeed. You don’t have to change who you are and what you believe. Your willingness to hear candid, potentially unorthodox feedback already puts you in good stead. So consider a Right-Brain Rental Session as a way to explore the obstacles you’re facing with an upcoming product launch or improving results on an existing brand.  Here’s how it works:

  • After we schedule the session, I’ll send you some questions to help you uncover some areas where you could most benefit from a breakthrough.
  • I’ll spend an hour reviewing your answers, your website and any additional materials you send.
  • Then we’ll spend 1-2 hours on the phone together.
  • I guarantee you’ll find value from hearing a right-brain perspective on your situation or you get a full refund.

If you like what you get from this, consider:

King’s Fool Service: In ancient times, some rulers had a court jester who would offer insight and advice.  The Fool had license to speak freely—even highlighting the folly of the monarch and his/her actions.  If you want regular doses of unvarnished advice from a pro who sees your world very differently, let’s talk every month. I’ll even write you a poem or song for your birthday, oh monarch! But please note: I draw the line at wearing a cap with bells, and I can’t juggle.

Let’s talk!

If any of this resonates, let’s chat.  Contact me here or just send me an e-mail ( I look forward to hearing from you!