Yes, Right-Brain Brands might be a good fit if:

  • Your brand is long on numbers but short on inspiration.
  • You wish your brand had more depth, and you want people to care about it more than they do.  You’re willing to try something new, even very different.
  • You and your team are starting to bore yourselves—everything you come up with seems dull and predictable.
  • Your brand’s in trouble, or you’re developing something new.  You need a fresh approach and you’re willing to take a risk.
  • You find your interest quickening as you read what’s on the site.

No, RBB is probably not a good fit for you if:

  • The idea of working with emotions or intuition sounds foolish—even dangerous.
  • You believe that factual analysis, logic, and quantitative measurement are all that’s needed to produce inspiring and juicy results.
  • Words like “inspiring” and “juicy” make you really, really uncomfortable.
  • You’ll only consider standardized services that can be triple-bid out to interchangeable competitors.